Protection, resistance

Rubber products long lasting

screw protection


Our products are designed with a rubber compound specific to SIMP, guaranteeing good resistance to use in harsh environments (sea water, UV, etc.) and good sealing. They are easily removable and reusable.

We offer a complete range of bolt caps to protect :

– Hexagonal or cylindrical caps

– Assembled with or without washers

– From 1/2″ to 4″ and from M12 to M100

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thermal resistance

Today there are two ranges of products depending on the temperature of use:
Type C : For a temperature of -30° to + 80° Celsius

Type S : For a temperature of -60 ° to + 250 ° Celsius

To avoid any confusion for use, type “C” is black and type “S” is grey.
A very visible engraving identifies the size of the bolt cap.
These bolt caps can be used in combination with a “marine” type grease or “molybdenum disulphide” type powder.
– Good resistance to hydrocarbons (except partial or total immersion)
– High dielectric strength up to 100 Kv/mm
– Flash point : 800 ° C
Type “C” model :
Compatibility with EN 13463-1 (April 2009), paragraph 8,5,8, Annex D « Non-electrical equipment intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres – Part 1: Method and basic requirements ».

Made in France

long lasting

As soon as the correct conditions of use are applied for assembling of our bolt caps, we can guarantee:
Very high frequency of re-use after disassembly
10-year guarantee on continuous use

After 1620 hours of aging in a severe corrosive environment, the aged assemblies with nut cover show no trace of corrosion – Cupro-acetic salt spray according to ISO 9227 (CASS mode)

extreme resistance bolt caps


We offer a complete range of bolt caps to protect all assemblies on threaded rods.
In the fields of energy, construction, naval-marine and pylons: